Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Melodome

My basement is pretty hideous.  It's old and it's dark and ugly and I'm moving my bedroom down there.  I don't have air conditioning and I've decided rather than spend more money on utlities this summer, I'd just move where it's cooler.  Plus there is WAAAAAAY more room and I've elected to make the side room in my basement into a huge closet for me to hang all my identical cotton t-shirts of various colors. 

It IS finished...a laughable finished but it is finished so I've started painting it.  Rather than try to make it look redone I've decided to go the retro/mod route as well as challenge myself to outfit it using as little cash as possible, thus making it the "Ghetto Retro Mod" style.   I'm going to hit craigslist, garage sales, and whatever else I can get my little hands on to make my ghetto retro basement a cozy melodome.

My biggest challenge is the bed.  I can't get my box springs down the stairs so I'll either have to go the king route or figure out another solution.  NOTE:  King-sized beds don't fit the "no cash" policy I have on this thing so I may find myself a futon perhaps, although they aren't cheap either...I'll figure something out.

My other biggest challenge is the said "bathroom" that is down there.  YIKES.  Hopefully you'll all get a chance to visit before I fix it, meaning shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist.   It IS efficient...you can pee, shower, and turn on the light all at the same time.  On a more serious note, I don't even know IF IT'S POSSIBLE to fix it up without completely scratching it and starting from step one (that also doesn't fit my budget.)

Lastly is the spiders.  I hate spiders and they love basements.  My house isn't new and definitely isn't sealed and for those who know me, may remember the hives I got last year after having gotten bit by one (ironically it was UPSTAIRS)  I'm just a little worried about it.

I'll post some pics as the progress comes along.  I do think it has great potential.  Stay tuned...

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