Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Weeks Notice!

Two weeks.

I  have two weeks until my summer officially begins.  I'll go from having two jobs to only having two jobs, but I'll gain my freedom and a personality.  (Apparently people forget that teachers are people too.)

I can't lie, the last few weeks have been tough.  The students have totally checked out and I"m not far behind them.  During this time of year I get nothing done but school and the public opinion of schools is really hard to grasp.  I definitely feel like schools and teachers are under attack.

I think I do a pretty good job throughout the year of remaining upbeat and positive but for teachers right now it's hard to not feel a little under fire. Education in Colorado already has a pretty rough budget and next year they are cutting even more.  At one of our last meetings it was....we need to raise our scores and I hope all of you have jobs next year.  This morning I heard an advertisment on the radio discussing how Colorado's teacher's need reforming because there are so many bad teachers in Colorado. It didn't mention that there is a serious lack of parenting going on in America.

To top it all off this is about the time of year I hear constantly how lazy teachers are because they have their summers off.  ( seems most I know pick up summer work to make ends meet.)

Teaching is hard work.  Ever babysit 30 kids at one time? How about babysit 30 kids and get them all to LEARN something.  There are some adults who can't even effectively guide other adults.  We don't expense prizes for our classroom.  We don't bill for extra time.  Schools are not businesses.  We cannot run them the same way.  I cannot fire a student who doesn't do their homework or comes late to EVERY class, or worse. (There is a lot worse.)  I cannot imagine that those who are cutting budgets and complaining about schools have actually spent much time in them as an adult. What other businesses have people who feel like they can come in and tell others how to do their job?  Oh yeah and we don't get big bonuses like the people who decide to cut money from public schools do. I should make it clear that I do love teaching, but I'm ready for a break of all kinds.  I, as all teachers I know deserve it.

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