Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Boot Is BACK!

On August 31, the VERY first night of the fall league for the competitive women's volleyball team that I play on, I came down on a blocker's wayward foot and rolled my ankle.  While I took a sick day the next day and got x-rays I was informed that it was just a bad sprang. 

As time went on, the swelling was pretty bad and I was still experiencing some pain on the inside of my ankle.  I decided to see a specialist and on Monday (Oct 31) finally got into see him.  As it turns out my ankle WAS broken based off the x-rays from August 31.  I was lucky enough to get a walking air cast but I'll be in this for at least a month.  My physical activity is limited to riding the stationary bike (with the air cast) and doing upper body lifts. 

A month could be worse.  It could be six or eight weeks and I have a lifetime of activities I want to do, so I need to get this healed.  My uncle Dennis is undergoing treatments for the next month on bone cancer and in a way I can use my boot to remind me to send good thoughts his way rather than feel sorry for myself over a puny ankle.

As always its not enduring the nuisance of the boot but absorbing the costs of treatment, albeit nothing new to me.  I have a good doctor now helping me out.  Dr. Hecker at Orthopedic Center for the Rockies.  He's come highly recommended to me from Coach Bedard and I also help coach his nephew so I feel like I'm in good hands and I'm going to be vigilant about the things he tells me to do/ not to do which is something I feel wasn't clear to me when I left the ER at MCR.

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