Monday, March 12, 2012

Back Off, Spring.

I should begin by stating that my passion for the outdoors in the winter is driven by one thing and one thing only.


Maybe the lack of snow in December has left me feeling cheated. Maybe it was the lingering memories of the 2010-2011 dumps. Maybe it was the fact I'm one year older and just love the snow 365 days worth more. I am not ready for spring. The fleetingness of the snow here is indeed part of it, I can feel the end of the season quickly approaching and it gives me some serious anxiety.  There are few activities that I love more than skiing. That's a lie.  Skiing IS my FAVORITE activity.  The mountain climbing/mountaineering thing folks? I want to begin to make my descents on skis.  I know, call me crazy, but at least I've found a passion.

This year I've continued to take my snow sports to the next level.  I've gotten into the back country, continued to work on avalanche education, built an igloo, skied with some girls that can seriously send it, and essentially put on some big girl pants.   I've become a student to the sport and both my experience and my knowledge has grown exponentially.

I definitely feel like a late bloomer, but at least I figured it out.  Skiing is something very intimate and personal to me.  I UNDERSTAND how I feel about  it, but I'll never be able to convey those feelings to anyone else, unless they have a similar passion to something. There are a few endeavors that humans take almost a religious zeal to, for instance, cycling, hunting, fishing, climbing.  For me it's skiing.  It just doesn't get any better.

My favorite skiing clip is off a flim by Matchstick Productions called All.I.Can.  It shows a 75-year-old woman from British Columbia who skis 100 plus days a year with her buddies.  She's my hero.  No, she's not being heli-dropped into big lines in Haines, Alaska, but she's lived her passion for years and just radiates genuine happiness.  This is what I want for myself.  To someday be old, skiing, and talking about how awesome it is.

I'm sorry for all of you that are ready to wear shorts and run around outside, but back off. I'm still doing my snow dance.  

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you live in this
GREAT state to enjoy such a sport.