Thursday, May 17, 2012

Curried Egg Salad...I'm Serious.

I was browsing for a brownie recipe (don't get excited I lost motivation to bake) and some how got distracted enough to stumble over an Curry Egg Salad recipe that was featured on the homepage.  I was curious to the epicth degree so I fashioned up my lunch for the next couple days. typically has recipes that are a bit more involved so I dumbed it down to give a go for the first round.


  • four hard boiled eggs
  • as much mayonnaise as you want to use, I use the big spoonful method
  • tablespoon Muchi Curry (I got mine from whole foods, but I'm sure any curry powder will work)
  • a pinch of sugar

I mixed the egg yolks, mayonnaise, sugar and curry together than cut in the eggs whites and mixed it up.  It's pretty tasty and I'm super pumped because my staples get a little boring, but I'm pretty set on keeping eggs in my regular diet because they are cheap, protein rich, and cheap. I envision adding some arugula to these sandwiches at some point, but it's not quite ready from the garden. As my nephew Luker would say, "Try it you'll like it!"  He'd also try to get you to eat a worm, but in this case I think the phrase fits.

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