Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 5 Painting ETC

The living room is done, minus the trim. The bedroom is pretty much done. The Bathroom will be done TOMORROW. I had to say goodbye to the purple closet but rather enjoyed slabbing the mascarpone (cream) color over the top of it. This whole house was painted in hideous colors.

The kitchen has become a battle. Jeff is now on my side. He showed up today with a drill, and other various "weapons" that were supposed to ensure victory (can you tell its late and I may or may not be high on paint fumes) The cabinets have a few tricks of their own though. I thought I was smarter than a bunch of kitchen cabinets... I have sanded I have painted lightly, the new hardware was EXACTLY the same size as the last, UGH.

Good news is though I found some retro looking glass knobs for my handles at home depot and they do look pretty good on my cupboards.

I'm a little worried my energy bill is going to go through the roof this month though with all the renovations thus I have decided to forgo showering ONE MORE DAY. (maybe its because its 1:15 am, jeff is coming back bless his heart at 8:15 and we're going to do it all again) If I go to this party with Brett and Diana tomorrow night I'll have to probably go buy a piece of steel wool to use as a loofah.

When I needed a break today Kim helped me get most of the rest of my things from the fort collins house and explore Loveland for some pretty decent Mexican food.

Anyway my bed is calling. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and all of the help! I most definitely will have a housewarming party and I'll keep you posted.

If you are wondering how many days in a row I can work from sun up to sun down (outside of harvest) I should inform you that I'm about to get some break and go to Christie's wedding this weekend.

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