Monday, December 29, 2008

Painting Day 4

I love my friends. Jeff and Judson were a HUGE help today and they do very good quality work! Judson taught me how to cut a super straight line and worked on my bedroom while Jeff painted the ceilings and I managed leave my kitchen undone.

My kitchen is still not done!!!! It's getting really close. I had a couple issues with hinges and putting cabinet doors back where they came from. Tomorrow I have a few more cabinets to tend to but the holes are filled and ready for re-drilling.

My days to work on this are starting to run out so by the end of the day tomorrow I would like to have my bedroom finished (and bed moved into) I just need to fix a few lines of paint and I'm set to go.

I want my kitchen completed if at all possible and I'd like to get the rest of my stuff out of my fort collins house. I started painting the bathroom and should be able to knock that out tomorrow morning so we can hang my new medicine cabinet (thanks to dad)

I hope this update makes sense. I've had lots of paint fumes and not so much sleep. Pictures are coming I promise.

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