Monday, December 29, 2008

House Painting Day 3

Better to do things right than to do them quickly...

I think I'm finding some happy medium between the two. My kitchen is starting to look pretty good. Of course, I haven't showered in three days (why? I'm just going to get up and do the same thing tomorrow, plus I'm on break...) Mom came and helped me Friday and Saturday and I was at it today sanding, priming, and painting my kitchen cabinets. Oh yes, I also tried to get the ceiling finished.

My color scheme seems to be working well. Its pretty much what I imagined, I even found the perfect pulls and knobs for my cabinets although I'm worried the knobs may be too big. They are definitely old school, the glass type.

Judson Doyle and Jeff Walz (my two buddies in crime at Roosevelt HS) are coming to my aid tomorrow. Judson and his wife have done a beautiful job on their home so I'm excited for him to cut a few of my lines for me. Jeff will most likely end up being my roommate so I roped him in too.

I'll post pictures soon, but right now my actual camera is lost somewhere in translation and my cell phone camera just doesn't do justice.

PS I will never put wallpaper in any house of mine. I"ve taken off about 6 plus layers of 60 plus years old wallpaper and it was/is NOT fun. Even with all the tips. Please remind me of this if I have a moment of insanity. Also...please don't ask me to remove 6 plus layers of wallpaper from your home unless you are absolutely sure I love you...a lot. My mommy loves me... a lot.

Oh Ya! Progress report

kitchen is 90% done
living room needs trim and celing painted
bedroom 1 80% done
bedroom 2 yet to begin
bathroom 5% done (I took out the nasty medicine cabinet)
bedroom 3 10 % done
dining room 20% done (I HATE WALLPAPER!)

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