Friday, January 30, 2009


I was first going to put how long my week has been and then I realized that was pretty inaccurate. My week has flown by. I'm proud of myself for hanging on through the end, but I was pretty worn down.

Monday I helped sponsor the Lifetime Sports Class on a trip to Winter Park where they had tons of fresh new powder to watch the kids spend more time sitting on than riding. BUT the afternoon was awesome. Noland Eastin, the PE teacher and I got to do some serious skiing and I felt really good. I continued to feel this way til we hit the bus and my legs glued up and me and my stone legs realized I had a volleyball game at 9.

Tuesday I somehow got out of bed taught school and coached at UNC.

Wednesday I had a staff meeting, school, unc, and volleyball.

Thursday I had social studies curriculum meetings, UNC, then home to work on the house some, do some laundry, and go shopping.

Friday, I survived and had a pretty excellent day (minus that I now have 150 tests to grade) I should mention I got to celebrate my birthday at school early, complete with a Starbucks gift certificate, flowers, and BREAKFAST CASSEROLE that I was just saying I would make if my oven worked (which I think I have figured out)

Tomorrow I'm headed to a track meet and Sunday America is celebrating my birthday by watching football, while I will be working on my house.

Crazy huh? I get the vibe from everyone else that they are just as busy. But then... you can sleep when you're dead, right?

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