Monday, February 2, 2009

Thanks For The Birthday Wishes

In my last post, I ranted about how busy my week had been. It definitely didn't slow down this weekend. Saturday we had a track meet at Air Force Academy. It went alright. So far this year we haven't had the big Personal Records we had last year but my older throwers are getting somewhat more consistent and I believe that's a form of improvement.

Sunday, my birthday, everyone made me feel VERY loved. I enjoyed every card, call, text, and email I received. Everyone wanted to know what I was doing... I worked on my house all day! I put on my painting pants and work shirt and spent the day painting cabinet doors, getting a new old oven, tearing up the carpet in my living room to expose my hardwood floors, scraping paint off windows etc.

I'm excited for my housewarming party this weekend but I'm a little nervous too. My house is far from done and I'm not trying to get it done, but I'm trying to get it so people will notice the work that's been done.

Beyond cleaning the house, I'd still like to:
1.) finish getting kitchen cabinets done (this is a must do)
2) get rid of the rest of the green in the dining room
3.) hang up a few more blinds
4.) do a little more painting in the basement

Wish me luck!

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