Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yay! Loveland! Yay Lilacs!

Today I spent the entire day out in my yard. I continued the insane task of raking all my leaves left from the fall since I moved in AFTER it snowed. I also planted pansies next to my strawberries. (The lady at the greenhouse assured me they would be fine outside, even if it snows) I trimmed up my rose bushed and cut down the bush out front to below my window but the most exciting thing I did today was... PLANT MY NEW LILAC! I broke down and bought one on sale that I plan to use start off of to continue my "privacy" lilac fence across the back fence next to the alley.

My lilac bush is called "beauty of moscow" and it is supposed to have pink buds that open to white flowers. Its also supposed to get HUGE and is great for Colorado (aren't most lilacs???) anyway, boring Sunday I know, but I was excited.

The other thing of excitement that happened is that my neighbor brought his chainsaw over and trimmed up my cherry tree which was a plus for the both of us because he wanted the wood for smoking. He also hacked off the bush that was by my driveway so I can now see when I'm backing out. Plus I thought it was ugly.

I'm now off for Wiscotech's first softball game. Happy first week of spring!

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