Monday, March 23, 2009

Results from Potts Invite at Boulder

At the bears first (and very early) meet of the outdoor season. The throw crew performed fairly well.

Charlie Smith had an excellent meet with two new personal records in the hammer and the discus.

We had two throwers qualify for Big Sky Conference Championships this weekend. Meaghan Green qualified in shotput as well as discus and Patrick Berg qualified in the discus.

Meaghan is getting closer to the Regional Qualifying mark in the discus as well.

Here are the throwing results from this weekend:

Licensed to University of Colorado HY-TEK's Meet Manager 3/21/2009 06:43 PM
2009 Potts Outdoor Invitational - 3/16/2009
Boulder, Colo.

Event 1 Women Hammer Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Berg, Meagan Colorado St. 57.93m 190-01
FOUL 57.93m 54.85m 54.78m 56.47m 54.00m
2 Elmshauser, Leah Colorado St. 53.11m 174-03
50.31m 52.71m 50.95m 53.11m 52.26m 52.64m
3 Johnson, Serena Colorado St. 52.28m 171-06
48.60m 52.28m 50.39m 47.66m 48.08m FOUL
4 Faubus, Missy Colorado St. 52.12m 171-00
51.10m 52.12m 52.01m FOUL 50.17m 48.74m
5 Aimone, Amanda Wyoming 45.96m 150-09
6 Kark, Kaity Colorado 44.42m 145-09
FOUL 44.42m FOUL FOUL 43.95m 44.42m
7 Donohoue, Fallon Colorado Mines 44.08m 144-07
42.47m 42.27m 42.70m FOUL 44.08m FOUL
8 Geubelle, Emily Colorado St. 43.50m 142-08
FOUL 43.50m FOUL FOUL 40.79m FOUL
9 Robben, Stacey Colorado St. 41.71m 136-10
41.71m 37.55m 40.70m 41.70m 39.46m FOUL
10 Fraser, Hillary Colorado St. 41.59m 136-05
38.82m 41.59m 41.26m
11 King, Julie Northern Colorad 41.38m 135-09
39.89m FOUL 41.38m
12 Etchemendy, Elisa Wyoming 41.27m 135-05
FOUL FOUL 41.27m
13 McCall, Chynna Colorado 40.17m 131-09
38.79m FOUL 40.17m
14 Berg, Alisha Northern Colorad 39.90m 130-11
33.86m 33.13m 39.90m
15 Shepherd, Mary Northern Colorad 35.49m 116-05
35.49m 34.12m 27.29m
16 Callan, Jennifer Uc-Colo. Spgs. 35.18m 115-05
35.18m FOUL FOUL
17 Beddes, Kaylee Wyoming 33.16m 108-09
33.00m 32.71m 33.16m
18 Gray, Kelly Wyoming 32.93m 108-00
32.93m FOUL FOUL
19 Van Dyke, Max Unat-Colorado 32.28m 105-11
29.09m 32.28m 31.42m
20 Becco, Kasey Northern Colorad 28.73m 94-03
28.73m 26.51m FOUL
21 Oester, Nicole Colorado Mines 21.27m 69-09
FOUL 21.27m 19.06m
-- Green, Meaghan Northern Colorad FOUL

Event 2 Men Hammer Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Loftin, Drew Unattached 61.84m 202-11
FOUL FOUL 61.84m FOUL FOUL 61.58m
2 Dukes, Chase Colorado 55.51m 182-01
FOUL 54.43m 55.51m 54.58m FOUL FOUL
3 Mullen, Chase Unattached 55.08m 180-08
55.08m FOUL FOUL
4 Bachmann, Patrick Colorado 50.23m 164-09
FOUL 47.12m 50.23m FOUL FOUL FOUL
5 Lambert, Sam Wyoming 49.72m 163-01
FOUL 48.23m FOUL FOUL 48.03m 49.72m
6 Mullen, Trey Colorado 49.44m 162-02
FOUL 47.94m 46.14m FOUL FOUL 49.44m
7 Begley, James CU Oldtimers 48.37m 158-08
FOUL 48.37m 47.01m FOUL FOUL FOUL
8 Berg, Patrick Northern Colorad 48.21m 158-02
46.02m 48.21m 47.87m 46.81m 47.73m 47.72m
9 Richey, Jacob Colorado Mines 46.80m 153-06
FOUL 44.54m 46.80m 44.17m 44.78m FOUL
10 Plante, Joe Wyoming 46.40m 152-03
FOUL 45.66m 46.40m
11 Crawford, Mac Colorado 46.28m 151-10
FOUL 46.28m 41.96m
12 Brill, Everett South Dakota Tec 43.37m 142-03
42.36m 43.37m 41.03m
13 Gibbons, Ryan Colorado Mines 42.67m 140-00
42.67m 42.40m FOUL
14 Lettow, Ian Colorado St. 42.40m 139-01
42.40m FOUL FOUL
15 Talbott, Nate Unat-Colorado 42.34m 138-11
42.34m FOUL FOUL
16 Smith, Charles Northern Colorad 41.43m 135-11
40.39m 41.43m 40.31m
17 Waldron, Kevin Colorado 40.93m 134-03
40.93m 38.51m 38.34m
18 Carveth, Cole Colorado Mines 36.36m 119-03
34.85m FOUL 36.36m
19 Williams, Preston Uc-Colo. Spgs. 32.60m 106-11
31.94m 32.60m 32.12m
20 Nau, Trevor Uc-Colo. Spgs. 30.30m 99-05
FOUL FOUL 30.30m
21 Conlin, Sean Northern Colorad 27.21m 89-03
FOUL 27.21m 23.78m
22 Marcellus, Ryan Unattached 26.52m 87-00
24.21m 25.38m 26.52m
-- Hutchins, Cameron Unat-Colorado ND
-- Cederstrom, Niklas Colorado ND

Event 3 Women Javelin Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Warfield, Hannah Unattached 46.70m 153-02
44.76m 44.42m 45.84m 46.70m 46.44m 46.30m
2 Van Dyke, Max Unat-Colorado 38.90m 127-07
38.90m 28.76m 29.94m 27.70m 28.32m 28.30m
3 Kugler, Kristen Colorado St. 35.94m 117-11
35.12m 34.60m 27.30m 31.94m FOUL 35.94m
4 Wagner, Sophia Colorado St. 25.02m 82-01
24.04m 24.00m 20.96m 25.02m 23.82m FOUL
5 Lechman, Mychelle Colorado 21.44m 70-04
21.44m 19.02m 18.26m 19.12m 18.42m 19.32m

Event 4 Men Javelin Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Williams, Brandin Colorado 59.82m 196-03
54.68m 55.62m 59.82m 59.80m 56.84m 59.82m
2 Waldron, Kevin Colorado 52.10m 170-11
52.10m FOUL 47.36m FOUL 49.98m FOUL
3 Crawford, Mac Colorado 51.12m 167-08
51.12m FOUL 47.86m FOUL 47.32m FOUL
4 Baue, Mark South Dakota Tec 50.00m 164-00
41.82m 43.64m 44.62m 50.00m 42.34m
5 Nau, Trevor Uc-Colo. Spgs. 47.30m 155-02
FOUL 43.26m 47.30m FOUL FOUL 46.94m
6 Richey, Jacob Colorado Mines 44.24m 145-02
40.72m 42.64m 44.24m 39.48m 41.66m 39.08m
7 Hopkins, Brian Uc-Colo. Spgs. 41.32m 135-07
41.32m 34.90m 28.96m 36.76m FOUL 30.48m
8 Ipsen, Todd Colorado 37.88m 124-03
37.62m 36.68m 35.82m 36.42m 36.18m 37.88m
9 Rimbert, Rick Uc-Colo. Spgs. 35.76m 117-04
FOUL 33.60m 35.76m 32.88m FOUL 30.76m
10 Williams, Preston Uc-Colo. Spgs. 33.38m 109-06
33.38m FOUL FOUL

Event 5 Women Shot Put
Name Year School Finals
1 Faubus, Missy Colorado St. 14.76m 48-05.25
FOUL FOUL 13.14m 14.76m 14.22m 14.18m
2 Fraser, Hillary Colorado St. 13.30m 43-07.75
12.48m 12.48m 12.94m FOUL 13.30m FOUL
3 Ugochukwu, Jennifer Colorado St. 13.22m 43-04.50
FOUL 13.04m FOUL 13.22m FOUL 13.22m
4 Green, Meaghan Northern Colorad 12.74m 41-09.75
11.30m 12.14m 12.74m FOUL 12.50m FOUL
5 McCall, Chynna Colorado 12.12m 39-09.25
11.80m 10.86m 11.50m 11.42m 11.36m 12.12m
6 Kark, Kaity Colorado 11.86m 38-11.00
11.58m 10.94m 11.16m 11.56m 11.18m 11.86m
7 King, Julie Northern Colorad 11.74m 38-06.25
FOUL 11.72m 10.08m FOUL 11.74m 11.42m
8 Gray, Kelly Wyoming 11.58m 38-00.00
10.18m 11.18m FOUL 11.10m 10.88m 11.58m
9 Becco, Kasey Northern Colorad 10.52m 34-06.25
7.08m FOUL 10.52m FOUL 10.38m 9.84m
10 Gajewski, Kali Colorado 10.08m 33-01.00
9.08m 9.62m 10.08m
11 Shepherd, Mary Northern Colorad 9.80m 32-02.00
12 Callan, Jennifer Uc-Colo. Spgs. 8.86m 29-01.00
8.70m 8.86m FOUL
13 Berg, Alisha Northern Colorad 8.52m 27-11.50
7.88m 8.52m 8.08m
-- Sedivec, Morgan Unat-Colorado St ND
ND x
-- Robben, Stacey Colorado St. ND
ND x
-- Johnson, Serena Colorado St. ND
ND x
-- Rose, Arleigh Colorado St. ND
ND x

Event 6 Men Shot Put
Name Year School Finals
1 Lettow, Ian Colorado St. 15.62m 51-03.00
14.20m 15.62m 15.62m FOUL FOUL 15.62m
2 Lambert, Sam Wyoming 15.44m 50-08.00
15.10m 14.84m 15.34m 15.44m 15.44m 15.10m
3 Berg, Patrick Northern Colorad 15.36m 50-04.75
14.88m 15.06m 14.98m 15.36m FOUL FOUL
4 Miller, Ryan Unat-Colorado 14.02m 46-00.00
5 Wood, Toby Wyoming 13.78m 45-02.50
11.90m 13.06m 11.86m 12.94m 13.04m 13.78m
6 Cederstrom, Niklas Colorado 13.50m 44-03.50
13.50m 13.44m FOUL FOUL 12.28m 12.60m
7 Marshall, Chris Unattached 11.92m 39-01.25
11.92m FOUL FOUL 11.50m FOUL FOUL
8 Smith, Charles Northern Colorad 11.88m 38-11.75
11.50m 10.06m 11.42m FOUL 11.88m FOUL
9 Conlin, Sean Northern Colorad 11.80m 38-08.75
11.80m FOUL FOUL 10.78m 10.92m 11.64m
10 Hutchins, Cameron Unat-Colorado 11.42m 37-05.75
11.36m 11.06m 11.42m
-- Brill, Everett South Dakota Tec ND
-- Williams, Preston Uc-Colo. Spgs. ND
-- Begley, James CU Oldtimers ND

Event 7 Women Discus Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Faubus, Missy Colorado St. 49.79m 163-04
FOUL 49.79m FOUL FOUL 49.08m 49.76m
2 Green, Meaghan Northern Colorad 45.98m 150-10
FOUL 39.76m 45.98m FOUL 44.41m FOUL
3 Fraser, Hillary Colorado St. 45.27m 148-06
41.97m 45.27m 42.39m 43.66m FOUL 45.18m
4 Berg, Meagan Colorado St. 45.06m 147-10
42.20m 45.06m 42.05m FOUL 42.90m 42.49m
5 Kark, Kaity Colorado 44.89m 147-03
FOUL 43.85m 43.26m 41.53m 42.80m 44.89m
6 Ugochukwu, Jennifer Colorado St. 42.68m 140-00
35.72m FOUL 39.94m 41.24m 42.14m 42.68m
7 Robben, Stacey Colorado St. 40.59m 133-02
39.71m FOUL 38.48m 40.59m FOUL FOUL
8 Johnson, Serena Colorado St. 40.38m 132-06
36.90m 37.58m 35.91m 40.38m 39.10m 39.92m
9 Afoa, Savannah Colorado Mines 37.81m 124-00
FOUL 35.97m 37.81m
10 Shepherd, Mary Northern Colorad 37.44m 122-10
FOUL 36.87m 37.44m
11 Etchemendy, Elisa Wyoming 36.96m 121-03
36.96m 36.02m FOUL
12 Callan, Jennifer Uc-Colo. Spgs. 36.24m 118-11
FOUL 34.96m 36.24m
13 Geubelle, Emily Colorado St. 36.01m 118-02
32.90m 36.01m 35.41m
14 King, Julie Northern Colorad 35.96m 118-00
35.96m FOUL 34.71m
15 Stewart, Ashley South Dakota Tec 34.42m 112-11
34.42m FOUL 31.11m
16 Becco, Kasey Northern Colorad 30.88m 101-04
30.47m FOUL 30.88m
17 Gajewski, Kali Colorado 29.89m 98-01
28.28m 25.56m 29.89m
18 Van Dyke, Max Unat-Colorado 25.88m 84-11
FOUL 25.88m 24.89m
-- Rose, Arleigh Colorado St. ND
ND x
-- Berg, Alisha Northern Colorad ND
ND x x
-- Sedivec, Morgan Unat-Colorado St ND
ND x x
-- Aimone, Amanda Wyoming FOUL
-- Beddes, Kaylee Wyoming FOUL

Event 8 Men Discus Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Malone, Casey Unattached 61.12m 200-06
60.66m 57.73m 59.82m 59.89m 60.64m 61.12m
2 schutz, jason Unattached 57.32m 188-01
57.17m 55.61m 55.05m 54.23m 56.76m 57.32m
3 Plante, Joe Wyoming 50.73m 166-05
49.39m 50.73m 42.64m 45.41m 47.53m 50.16m
4 Bachmann, Patrick Colorado 50.08m 164-04
46.28m 46.06m FOUL 49.40m 50.08m FOUL
5 Begley, James CU Oldtimers 50.06m 164-03
42.94m 45.64m 48.08m 44.38m FOUL 50.06m
6 Lettow, Ian Colorado St. 48.52m 159-02
46.69m 48.52m 46.54m 44.91m FOUL 47.06m
7 Berg, Patrick Northern Colorad 47.46m 155-08
45.78m 47.41m 45.89m 46.85m 44.27m 47.46m
8 Horinek, Jeff Colorado St. 47.26m 155-01
47.26m 44.56m 44.91m FOUL 41.76m 46.41m
9 Dukes, Chase Colorado 46.88m 153-10
42.07m 38.93m 45.37m 44.18m 40.66m 46.88m
10 Cederstrom, Niklas Colorado 44.75m 146-10
44.75m FOUL FOUL
11 Mullen, Trey Colorado 44.74m 146-09
44.74m 43.11m FOUL
12 Brill, Everett South Dakota Tec 44.14m 144-10
FOUL 43.44m 44.14m
13 Smith, Charles Northern Colorad 44.03m 144-05
39.86m 44.03m 39.61m
14 Conlin, Sean Northern Colorad 40.39m 132-06
39.14m 33.60m 40.39m
15 Carveth, Cole Colorado Mines 40.23m 132-00
FOUL 39.32m 40.23m
16 Miller, Ryan Unat-Colorado 38.79m 127-03
38.47m 38.79m 38.67m
17 Hutchins, Cameron Unat-Colorado 38.34m 125-09
38.34m 35.40m 37.43m
18 Richey, Jacob Colorado Mines 38.24m 125-05
38.24m FOUL FOUL
19 Williams, Preston Uc-Colo. Spgs. 34.29m 112-06
34.29m 28.19m 32.72m
20 Marcellus, Ryan Unattached 31.47m 103-03
31.47m FOUL FOUL
-- Talbott, Nate Unat-Colorado ND
ND x x
-- Campbell, Jeremy Unattached FOUL
-- Crawford, Mac Colorado FOUL

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