Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to Home Improvement in the Back Room

As my alarm went off at 6:00 for the second day in a row, in hopes of going climbing with my buddy and coworker, Jeff, my hopes were dashed by the second day in a row of rainy weather here in Colorado. I opted not to complain about the weather and trade in climbing for a day of work on my house.

I have been working on the back room. After time and time and time again swearing not to put any wallpaper on my walls (as I was scraping wallpaper off my walls) I put some up on one of my problem walls in the back room. It actually looks decent. I have painted the whole room white (actually Benjamin Moore mascarpone AF-20) and it looks nice. Today I replaced electrical outlets, installed a ceiling fan (which was cheaper than the light fixture I was going to put in) switched the switches and pulled up the carpet.

My only disappointment is that the linoleum under the carpet wasn't in spectacular shape, not horrible, just not what I was hoping. Let me say this though, the carpet was NASTY. (more on what I did with this carpet later)

I've taken some before and during photos and will most definitely post them along with my after photos when I get everything done and moved in since I've decided to use this as my bedroom as it has the most closet space. My room is going to become my office/spare room, since I'm taking a few classes this summer.

Tomorrow I hope to get the finishing touches done on the paint, put up the blinds, finish taking the tack strips out of the floor, mop the floor, and brainstorm a list of options for my floor. For entertainment and exercise, I'm beginning my first doubles sand league, playing with my good friend and setter, Deb.

What else have I been doing? Since its been raining, I haven't spent much time in my garden, but I have put a few days in this break so far. Also since May 22 when my break began I have read three books, been disappointed in the Nuggets, gone to Lindsey's wedding, played a softball game, gone to Aunt Kathy's 50th birthday party,gone shopping with my mom, and have been enjoying my time with my friend Brooks who is visiting Colorado for a few weeks.

Now that we're caught up...keep and eye out for the pictures, I've been pretty proud of what I've done so far!

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