Saturday, June 6, 2009

Climbing in the CO Sunshine

I got up early today with the gorgeous Colorado sunshine to go climbing with my friend Jeff. He's taken me before, but the first time I went I only did top-rope anchor type stuff.

Today was a little different. I worked on learning how to correctly belay someone else. I also did some climbing where he leads up the rock face inserting cams and gear, then I follow up it.

It was a trip. I wasn't too nervous about it since I had gone once before and he's a good coach to fit my personality, but looking down is sometimes a little crazy. (which you have to do to find your foot holds)

There is definitely a lot of trust involved in climbing, but I think its a great sport. And its impossible to learn on your own, you need good, experienced climbers to help you. I've often times thought it was a little ridiculous that I worked at Jax selling climbing gear but didn't use it.

I'm lucky to have the opportunity and I had a great time. I'm thankful Jeff is patient enough to teach me and that he's excited for me to learn. AND I was even more pumped that I got to do it outside (near Horsetooth) rather than in the gym.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures. I didn't want to smash my phone on some rock so I left it behind in the car. Next time.

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