Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where Has The Sunshine Gone?

I know in mid-July it will be hot, so I don't want to necessarily complain, but the lack of summer-type weather here in Colorado has made my life pretty mellow.

Even though I'm missing my Colorado sunshine, I have gotten a few things done and enjoyed some great company. Yesterday my dad was in town and took me out to eat right before my first doubles sand volleyball game.

Let me digress on this doubles sand volleyball. I'm playing in a woman's league with my friend Deb who is the setter on my competitive team in Loveland. Since we're playing woman's ball the net is at least a decent height for me to hit over jumping out of the sand but the problem I encountered last night was that I forgot the court was shorter. I've played so much indoor ball and so little outdoor ball this was quite an adjustment, especially since most of the "game" that I have consists on hitting the lines. Ugh. Deb and I spent most of the first match (which we lost) figuring this out. We rallied back figured things out enough to pull out a win in our second match, but I feel I need to go do some plyos in the sand.

Other than that, I've again been working in my house. I have moved into the room that I finished working on and made an office/study out of my old room since I start my Master's classes on Monday. My first two classes will be Introduction to Research and Methods of Coaching. I'm a little nervous about it because I've never taken an online course and I'm not sure what to expect. I've called the coaching office probably five times in the last two days and so I'm sure they are ready for me to get started as well.

If the weather continues to be the same I will have a forest of a lawn by next week but I can't help it because ITS TOO WET TO WORK! Perhaps this afternoon I'll take some photos of the hail damage, which I should add, some of the plants have come back more than I thought I would, but I'm going to have to let go of a few of the pepper plants that the hail demolished. I can still replant the lettuce.

Beyond that, my days lately have started letting my two cats out, one of them catching a bird and bringing it back into the house as a nice little dead present for me. (yesterday this was Bo, today it was Jack) GROSS. After cleaning up the dead birds, I have been reading,cleaning and painting in my basement. Tonight the "Yurty Girls" are getting together for pedicures (I'm only going to socialize, my feet are beyond help) and tomorrow there is a BBQ for my friend, Trey, who just finished writing his proposal for his PHD and is leaving for Virginia on Saturday.

I'm desperately wanting to do a little camping so as soon as the sun shines for more than a half hour....I'm outta here!

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