Sunday, June 14, 2009

A New Beginning

I begin my classes in quest of my MA in Coaching tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. This summer I will be taking Introduction to Research and Methods of Coaching. I already took Methods of Coaching in college when I began working toward a coaching minor but the undergraduate credits cannot count toward my masters.

I'm fairly excited about this and I'm definitely a little nervous to begin since it will be online through Adam's State College as opposed to the traditional classroom. Did I mention I've never taken an online class before? I went through the tutorial cd they sent me but it didn't do a whole lot for me.

I'm very happy to begin. I wanted to start this last summer and just missed the deadline for admission for summer classes. More so, I'm very happy to begin because I'm working toward a personal goal as well as something I think will be very good for me to accomplish. I wish I would have been more studious in my undergrad years, not just for better grades, because I now read for pleasure the information I blew off when I was in class.

Lastly, I never imagined that I would have aspirations to be a career coach, but it seems to be something I really enjoy and I consider it one of the greatest jobs I could ask for. Hopefully I can use the information I gain over the next few years to work at becoming a "master" coach.

Wish me luck!

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