Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yoga! Where Have You Been!?!

As it just so happens...I'm extremely out of shape. This started about 5 years ago when I finished up college. Being able to smack down a few volleyballs for an hour twice a week doesn't quite cut it.

Let's face it. I'm not a huge runner. The idea of going jogging in -13 degree weather sends my hand right to the snooze button. Plus after spending 4 days a week in the weight room for 5 years and even more on the side, I'm a little burnt out on traditional workouts. I like to hike and ski and volleyball off the extra pounds. But as I mentioned before it's just not cutting it anymore so back to the fitness world I go.

Even more reason to bite the bullet and get back into fitness is the issues I've had with my non-existent thyroid. Although it's regulated, it's nothing to mess around with.

I've always dabbled in yoga and I've really always liked Bikram's yoga...mostly because of the intensity but it's expensive and its hard to go knowing I'll be in class at least an hour and a half (did I mention in a very hot room???) Therefore with a little inspiration from a special couple...I'm stepping away from Bikram's taking the yoga video tour.

I have discovered that corepower yoga has yoga on demand and you can get a week free, and it's not super expensive if you do join. but since I have a blockbuster subscription I will take my free week while I anticipate the first yoga video to arrive from my queue.

Lucky to have a background in athletics and a personal trainer of a sister, I'll eventually work some cardio back into my volleyball-yoga routines.

The goal???? Lose 21 pounds. I'm giving myself a year to do it, because I want it to stay off as opposed to a crash diet. Its an attainable goal and I think my body will be very happy with me. Plus I'm excited about the opportunity to get up in the morning and crank out some exercise before get in my OWN shower before I head to work.

How can you be a Division I track coach and not be in shape? REALLY. It's time.

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