Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring (Break) Cleaning

On my first official day of spring break I spent the day doing nothing much out of the ordinary except a little shopping and cleaning. I opted to buy a few extra things for my kitchen this month...are you ready for this?... kitchen towels, some oil to treat my butcher block, a hook for my kitchen towels, and a glass jar for my coffee, pot holders, and a cutting board (the last two were peer pressure because I've gotten multiple complaints from multiple visitors about the absence of the two.)

Anyway I ran home to put everything away and began my night of cleaning. I treated the butcher block that will be ready for another coat in 6 hours and the project done in 72. I swept and mopped all the floors and prepped my basement which after attempting to watch half a really dorky movie last night, I decided I'd rather be painting.

My goal is to have my basement looking stellar before my parents come for the arrive of my nephew next Thursday.

In this time of spring(break) cleaning. My goal is to also read a couple books, (aren't you supposed to procrastinate somewhat?) hang up curtains after painting in the basement and PERHAPS rip the carpet out of the back room.

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